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  • Black Train Chai Tea


    Big train is a gourmet coffee chain also known as the JL Hufford gourmet coffee chain. Big train has an impressive list of tea varieties. The Chai is the Indian term fro tea, and Indians prepare tea in a totally unique style. Tea leaves are not the only ingredient of...

  • Caffeine In Green Tea


    Many people who consume tea regularly are often seen in a dilemma that the caffeine in green tea is beneficial or harmful. Usually the answers to the ‘either or’ questions is either yes or no. here it is a bit different. The answer is yes as well as no. it...

  • Woolworths Espresso Maker


    Q: I have seen an Espresso maker in Woolworths, (their own brand) for £40 reduced from £80. Has anyone got any comments to make about the quality of the machine and the coffee it makes?A: I think you are right David.........They are selling them here on the West coast for $131.00 Can. approx...

  • Coffee Vending Machine


    The coffee vending machine or the CVM is a common sight nowadays. Where ever you go, be it banks, offices, food outlets, theatres, the coffee vending machine has made its presence felt almost every where. Though the coffee vending machines are such a common sight in modern times, the original invention...

  • Mighty Leaf Green Tea


    The essence in a revitalizing drink is what makes it a conformable beverage that is desired by all. Figuratively speaking, the mighty leaf green tea is one of the numerous varieties of the tea mixtures. Unlike any other soft drinks, the blend has in its honor the possession of several...

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