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  • How Do You Make Specialty Coffee Drinks?


    Q: I have a very good coffee and Espresso machine. Since the most complicated thing I know how to make with it is a Cappuccino (which tastes very good), I was wondering if anyone knew how to make more complicated drinks that you might find at coffee houses. I assume...

  • Black And Green Tea


    Well, even though all of the teas come from the exact same species of plant known as Camellia sinensis plant, but there are still so many types of tea around. The most commonly known are the black and green tea, which are one of the most consumed teas around. In...

  • Tazo Awake Tea


    For years, Tazo has provided fantastic and delectable combinations of teas for everybody. From the boldest flavours to the most heavenly aromas, Tazo captures the elegant experience of drinking tea. If you are someone who needs an alternative to other forms of morning drinks, Tazo concocted the best tea from...

  • Why Does 'Starbucks' Give You Espresso In A Little Cup? Is Espresso Stronger Than Regular Coffee, If So, Why?


    Q: Why does 'Starbucks' give you Espresso in a little cup? Is Espresso stronger than regular coffee? If so, why?A: Espresso is a very concentrated form of coffee. It is served in "shots", just like if you were drinking alcohol straight. If you were drinking alcohol, you wouldn't just fill...

  • Chamomile Herb Tea


    As you know there are many teas available nowadays, different tea leafs, flavors and different kinds, such one tea that has gained a lot of popularity is herbal tea or also known as herbal tea. There are many people who have already switched to herb tea, as they find this...

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