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  • How Do You Make A Cappuccino From Scratch?


    Q: How do you make a Cappuccino from scratch? Is there a way to make a Cappuccino without having the special machine?A: No, because a Cappucino is Espresso, steamed milk, and foam, so you need the machine to make the foam. Yes, there definitely is. Personally, I do not think that...

  • What Is A Good Coffee/Espresso Machine?


    Q: I hear of one that has Espresso and coffee all in one and you can by the packs. I forgot the name.A: I have a 'DeLonghi Magnifica 3300' and LOVE it! It has a bean reservoir, and a water reservoir, and grinds the beans for each cup. You can...

  • DeLonghi Infomercial


    Q: If anyone of you have been up late, zombie-like watching TV lately, you may have caught a glimpse of a fatty Italian fella with a ponytail and a "magic" cappuccino machine making cappuccinos for half of San Francisco's residents at some mysterious park in North Beach. Without entering into the merits of the...

  • Chai Tea Caffeine


    Chai tea is an Indian beverage that is now gaining more and more popularity in the west. Known simply as "chai" in India, the term "Chai tea" is used in the west to signify to the customer that the tea is distinctly flavored with a mixture of Indian spices. Of...

  • Burr Coffee Grinder


    One of the key factors of getting that perfect cup of coffee is the coffee grinder. Even though coffee grinders are found every where, true coffee lover prefer freshly ground coffee. Coffee grinders are becoming increasingly popular because it gives you that 100 percent fresh taste at the comfort of...

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