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  • The Exploding Krups FND1 Espresso Maker


    Q: About a year ago, a friend gave me a brand-new Krups Espresso/cappuccino maker (Type FND1). One thing I noticed right away was that Krups had "integrated" the steam valve into the on/off switch, necessitating un-plugging the machine in order to release the pressure through the steam nozzle. (And yes, the instruction manual...

  • Kid’s Tea Sets


    Our child is special and everything related to him/her should also be special. From clothing’s to toothbrush and daily amenities, we always select the best for our kids hence the tea sets for our kids should also be the best and suitable one, one in which our kid will love...

  • I Just Bought An Espresso Machine. Can I Use Regular Ground Coffee, Or Do I Need To Buy Espresso Ground?


    Q: It's a Breville Espresso/Cappuccino maker. I'm pretty sure it would taste better with Espresso ground, but I'm thinking cheaper here. Can anyone help?A: If you buy ground coffee at the store, it is typically ground for a paper cone filter. That will not be a fine enough grind for...

  • Any Good/Yummy Hot Drinks That DON'T Give You Heartburn?


    Q: - Hot coffee gives me a lot of heartburn. - Hot chocolate gives me heartburn from the chocolate. - Hot cappuccino from the machines at local dairy marts gives me heartburn (and I love this stuff!). - Hot tea gives me heartburn and acidy stomach. - Steamed milk is yummy but fattening, and...

  • Doser Coffee Grinder


    If you are looking for coffee grinders on the market, you will definitely not find it difficult to get one as there are hundreds of types and brands available in the shops and hypermarkets. As most of you already know, it is really tough to choose something when you are...

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