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  • Espresso With Instant Coffee?


    Q: I am wanting to make an Espresso, yet I only have instant coffee at home. Is it a case of simply using the instant coffee with a little water in a small, shot-sized mug?A: Just about. Use about double the amount called for, for a 6 oz cup. Make sure...

  • Cheap Coffee Machines


    The coffee industry was never so booming like it is now. The coffee which was until recently, considered as the rich man's drink is now used and enjoyed quite commonly. Statistics reveal that the daily usage of coffee is around 400 million cups per day. There are new brands of...

  • Herbal Trim Tea


    Tea has been one of the important contributors for thousand of years for a healthy lifestyle. Herbal tea has many physical and medicinal effects. Natural herbal tea cleanses your system and it helps you to loose weight at the same time. It provides our body and mind with a great...

  • How To Use Salton EX8 Cappuccino/Espresso Maker?


    Q: No's used...but I got it for free, so I'm not complaining. It makes Espresso real fast, and has this valve and spout for the milk-heating thing. It puts ALL the water (you put into the boiler) into the carafe (via the coffee holder thing), So how do you get steam for heating...

  • Coffee Espresso Maker... Should I buy?


    Q: Hey Coffee Peeps, I was @ Wal- Mart today, and I passed by a display for a Mr. Coffee Espresso/ Cappuccino Maker. Remembering the bad experiences I had the last time I bought an Espresso maker from Wal-Mart years ago (a Magic Chef "steam toy") Well, this was way before I...

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