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  • What Do You Order At 'Starbucks', Or Your Favorite Coffee House?


    Q: Include all of the details, exactly how you would normally order your coffee, Espresso, Frappuccino or tea. Double shot, non-fat, tall, grande, venti, etc...A: Chai tea anything. Seriously. Chai tea stuff is just da bomb. :] I love it. Chai Tea Frappuccinos are kinda weird though, cause they're all...

  • How (If You Can) Can You Make An Espresso Out Of Instant Coffee Mix?


    Q: How (if you can) can you make an Espresso out of instant coffee mix?A: You can't unless the mix is instant Espresso. Coffee and Espresso are different. Coffee is what most people drink. Espresso is a stronger caffeinated drink that should be drank in small amounts. The short answer is "no". Espresso...

  • Making Herbal Tea


    Herbal tea has been around for century and there are many different recipes and methods in making herbal tea around from different cultures and for different purposes. However, it is true that herbal tea could be healthy and refreshing. Since long before any capsules or pills were invented, herbal teas...

  • Jasmine Green Tea


    If you are a tea lover then you will know the wonderful flavor and aroma of jasmine green tea. This tea is an ancient brand and has been used for both medicinal and enjoyment purposes for millennia. Jasmine green tea comes in several varieties, one of which is jasmine pearl...

  • Ginseng Green Tea


    Green tea is known for its medicinal value. The Chinese have in particular between known to have too much love for green tea as they consider it as one of the best sources of medicine. Many people are however embracing the fact that green tea is better than other common...

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