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  • Iced Tea Coffee


    The mere thought of an iced tea or coffee on a hot summer afternoon makes the majority of us happy. There is no other drink perhaps, other than these tea and coffee which can be enjoyed in more ways than one, that is both hot and iced. Now there are...

  • Elektra Microcasa!


    Q: I´ve found it very hard to find any reviews on the Elektra MicroCasa Semiautomatica. Has someone out there any experience with this machine, please share it with me.A: At least one a.c regular (not me!) would argue that this makes it a very superior machine indeed, as it can heat 2 liters of...

  • Southern Coffee Service:


    How you make your coffee has always depended on your particular needs. If you are just a morning coffee drinker, just for the extra wake-up, a drip percolator may be all that you need or want. If you are a regular daily drinker, an 8-10 cup a day person, you...

  • Spare Parts For Coffee Machine


    If your coffee machine is broken, then you have no excuse to miss your favorite coffee since you can easily get the right spare parts. Whether your coffee machine suffered broken hoppers, faulty nozzles or burst water tanks, with a little more research, you will get just the right spare...

  • How To Steep Tea


    Tea is an amazing and popular beverage around with significant potential benefits in health. In fact, it is known to be the second most popular beverage after water. With some knowledge of different techniques on how to steep tea could allow you to enjoy this wonderful beverage just as the...

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