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  • Tea Leaf China


    The origin of tea has been clearly traced to revolve around china. The Chinese, rumored to have the oldest civilization have in their antiques, ancient writings with evidence showing tea consumption as part of their traditions. Different mythologies exist but the first tea drink has its first sightings in China....

  • What Is Your Unique Or Special Coffee, Latte, Espresso Order That You Ask For At Starbucks Or Any Coffee House?


    Q: What do you say to the barista? For example: "Could I get a Double Cinnamon Mocha quarter five whole with mint, rasberries, blueberries, love, and a slice of immortality please?"A: I have a problem stomaching Starbucks coffee, so I order "Venti iced Tazo Passion tea with 2 splendas." If...

  • Classic Tea Set


    There are many types of world classic tea sets that I have come across; some of them from centuries ago with small beautiful inscriptions that leave one wondering how the artisan put all the details in the teapots, cups and bowls. I’m still to appreciate that the Turkish tea sets...

  • Instant Chai Tea


    Traditional Chai tea is made with milk, black tea, a perfect blend of spices and just a tinge of sweetener. This combination creates the perfect cup of tea! Originating in India, this has become a worldwide hit and is now being served in a lot of homes all around...

  • Espresso Coffee Maker


    Whether were in a rush or on a slow pace, the majority of the world's population yearns for that very steamy hot cup of coffee, tea, latter and even espressos. These drinks are in high demand all over the world and industries find themselves consistently competing with one another in...

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