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  • Ge Coffee Station


    A hot homemade espresso machine is not a dream now, since you can choose it as per your needs. First of all, you should decide either to buy a multi-cup brew station or a single cup one. In case you are the one with an occasional guest, the single brew...

  • English Tea House


    Quite simply what it is on the cover, an English tea house is calm, soothing place where visitors can come in and sample a very wide variety of different teas all over the world while enjoying a bit of a snack over a hot cup of tea. Quite different from...

  • Woolworths Espresso Maker


    Q: I have seen an Espresso maker in Woolworths, (their own brand) for £40 reduced from £80. Has anyone got any comments to make about the quality of the machine and the coffee it makes?A: I think you are right David.........They are selling them here on the West coast for $131.00 Can. approx...

  • How Is An Espresso Machine Different From A Normal Coffee Machine?


    Q: I've made Espresso in my coffee machine, and it tastes pretty good, is there a big difference?A: Espresso machine uses pressure to brew, making Espresso more concentrated than coffee. As a result, Espresso tends to be much stronger than regular coffee. Also note that any type of coffee can be...

  • Tea Pot Warmer


    Tea lovers always want the tea either very hot or a bit warmer. Especially the green tea which is very delicate should not be boiled in a high temperature. In general people will have a habit of boiling the tea to at max temperature and then drink after the temperature...

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