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  • Tea Infuser Cup


    There are many people who just love drinking tea. They drink tea several times a day and definitely cannot do anything during the day if they do not get the needed "dose". We could give the British as an example because most of them drink tea four or even five...

  • How Can You Make Starbucks (Refrigerated/Bottled) Frappuccino At Home?


    Q: Any recipes...all the ones I've found are with ice, not the refrigerated drink. I imagine we can do it the same without the ice!?!? Anyone tried it, is it close? I don't know much about coffee, Cappuccino, Frappuccino, Espresso, Lattes...but do the have a machine like a Cappuccino machine that...

  • Best Green Tea


    It is the cup of tea we drink any time we feel lazy that energizes us. The power of tea as a great energizer is well known and many scientific researches have proven that tea protects our health as well. Since ancient times People think that green tea is the...

  • Tea Bag Holder


    Tea bags are a common method by tea is prepared in most of the nations other than the Asian countries. The Asian countries employ a totally different method in preparing tea, using the tea leaves or the tea leaf powder. But the Western world generally employs the use of tea...

  • Home Coffee Roasting


    From the time of Satori Kato, the Chicago-based Japanese scientist, who invented instant coffee in 1901, the process of domestic home roasting has become something of a forgotten part of home life Many people think that roasting coffee domestically is a very complicated and tiresome task where as in reality it...

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