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  • Espresso Recipe - Mochaccino


    Mochaccino or Caf? Mocha as everybody call, is the taste of any Starbuck's lover or a coffee enthusiast. One can prepare the Mochaccino right in their kitchen and avoid the need to go to Starbucks all the time. This recipe will help one to follow the directions and preparation stages...

  • The Maestro Coffee Grinder


    Maestro Coffee Grinders are manufactured by Baratza. The preliminary design of Baratza's first coffee grinder was voted best in class. Their new design, managed to overcome several tiresome issues that other's failed to do within this same price range. This new version of the Maestro was a vast improvement...

  • Espresso Coffee Grinders


    There is nothing like a fine cup of espresso to start the day and you do not have to go to the usual coffee chain outlet to get your fix. Now you can make excellent espresso right at home with the right kind of machine. You could buy ground coffee...

  • Calories In Iced Coffee


    Iced coffee has always managed to make coffee lovers happy. The value of a mug of iced coffee on a summer afternoon, when the sun is scorching relentlessly, can never be undermined. There are very few people who actually realize that the iced coffee that they seem to relish is...

  • Need Advice From Saeco Classico Owners


    Q: Just got a new (to me, anyway) Saeco Classico SS and I am very pleased with it for my level of espresso use. Couple of questions: First, there is a lot of plastic levers and springs inside the basket assembly. Is this just to keep the unit from dripping or...

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