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  • What Is The Best Thing You Have Ever Found At A Yard Sale?


    Q: I found an Italian coffee maker, that is worth about $50-60. I have also found some adorable original oil paintings. I have no idea what they are worth. I got a ladder and a wheel barrow for $5 apiece. Yay for estate sales, I love them!A: A hand painted...

  • Is There A Way To Brew Espresso Coffee Without A Special Machine? Is There Such A Thing As Instant Espresso?


    Q: Is there a way to brew Espresso coffee without a special machine? Is there such a thing as instant Espresso?A: I have used instant (powdered) Espresso coffee. It wasn't very good, and I don't recommend it over brewed coffee. However, there are some on the market if you can...

  • Sterling Silver Tea Sets


    When you have a special occasion or are having some special guests for tea, nothing like taking out your sterling silver tea sets to have tea. Having tea in such a set has a charm of its own and only adds to the importance of the occasion. You could have inherited...

  • Chinese Weight Loss Tea


    Tea has been praised for its additional medicinal values over time making one of the beverages that is receiving more and more fans by the day. The health benefits related to tea as compared to coffee and other common household beverages are quite numerous giving it the leading position in...

  • How Do You Make Your Coffee? French Press? Drip? Espresso Machine?


    Q: I use a 'Melita' filter with a craffe. I like that the coffee stays fresh, but it doesn't stay hot! I want a 'French Press' but I do not like the grounds at the bottom. I don't like a drip coffee maker casue of the hot plate that burns...

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