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  • Centrifugal Espresso, Anyone?


    Q: I just picked up a Cuisinart Iced Cappuccino maker, thinking that I might enjoy a nice iced cappa when the warm weather returns (okay, I bought early). I notice that it also claims to make 8 one-ounce servings of hot Espresso at one time. You put the ground coffee into a...

  • Small Coffee Grinder


    As a definition the term of espresso caff? also called espresso, represents a concentrated coffee which is brewed by injecting hot water into the ground coffee in order to obtain a thick consistency and creamy drink. Espresso is also the base for other highly appreciated drinks like cappuccino, latte macchiato...

  • Commercial Coffee Grinders


    Commercial coffee grinders are huge machines with a built in capacity to grind large amounts of whole coffee beans. The Commercial coffee grinders are manufactured to handle the grinding process for extended periods of time, and can even continue the grinding process for the whole day. The grinding process needs to...

  • Cappuccino Maker For Home, Please?


    Q: Sorry if this has been asked before: What is the best cappuccino maker for about 150 -$200 (I'm in Toronto)?A: Check the Starbucks in the area during the holidays for sales as that will be your best bet during the holidays. Of course, there should be no need to mention, that if...

  • Vanilla Iced Coffee


    There probably is no one in the world that does not enjoy a sip from their favorite coffee, especially if it is iced. But have you noticed that iced coffee is way more costly than hot coffee? There seems to be no logical explanation for this costliness. What could be...

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