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  • Can I Use A Regular Coffee Pot To Make Espresso?


    Q: I recently received a bag of Espresso as a gift. There aren't any instructions on how to make it. Can I use a just a regular coffee pot?A: Espresso coffee is made by forcing hot water under high pressure through very fine ground coffee. Most Espresso blends are just...

  • How To Buy Parts Of An Espresso Machine.


    Q: I was just wondering....where could I purchase just an individual coffee holder for an Espresso machine, with a coffee holder (I mean the glass container where the coffee goes into as soon as its made)?A: I actually just sold a replacement glass CARAFE on eBay a couple of days...

  • Professional Coffee Machines


    Professional coffee machines are of numerous varieties and of different models. The coffee manufacturing companies all have their respective professional range of coffee machines. But most of the people seem to worry unnecessarily regarding the size of the machine. This is because most of the Professional coffee machines can be...

  • Why Brass Or Copper Boilers In The Coffee Espresso Machines Are Considered To Be The “Best Choice”?


    Q: Why brass or copper boilers in the coffee Espresso machines are considered to be the “best choice”?A: 1. Heat efficiency. Due to its EXTRAORDINARY THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY and THERMAL CAPACITY, brass gets hot much faster and keeps heat much longer than aluminum and stainless steel. 2. Anti-corrosion resistance. Even though brass...

  • Espresso Machine?


    Q: I'm going to buy my first Espresso machine. Are there certain features I shouldn't go without, with a new Espresso machine purchase? I want a lower end one for affordability reasons, but i still want a decent one. Suggestions?A: Having owned more than one, I'm happy to share my opinions with you -...

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