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  • How To Make Latte Or Cappuccino Without Espresso Machine?


    Q: Ok, Until i get an Espresso maker, I would like to know how to make a Latte or Cappuccino using ready coffee and a milk frother? Any info would be most helpful.A: I use my coffee mocha to boil the coffee. Then, I put it in a pot, add milk,...

  • Does Anyone Know The Name Of A Coffee Drink Made Of Espresso & Sweetened, Condensed Milk? Proportions?


    Q: Does anyone know the name of a coffee drink made of Espresso & sweetened condensed milk? Proportions?A: Railway express A single espresso Steamed milk Condensed milk If done correctly, the Espresso should sit on top of condensed milk and frothed milk ontop. You will need a Vietnamese press pot for this: Vietnamese Iced Coffee Ingredients: 2...

  • Coffee Machine With Grinder


    The best way to ensure freshness in the cup of coffee is by grinding the coffee beans right before you brew. Coffee grinders are now fairly cheap whilst there are coffee makers that come built in with grinders. Basically they are the blade type and burr type, both of which...

  • Coffee Industry Sales


    The coffee sales across the world are rapidly changing in trends as people change their preferences from just taking coffee to specialty coffee brands. Although Americans were initially the largest coffee consumers across the world, it is clearly emerging that the American coffee consumer is becoming more and more particular...

  • Where Can I Buy "Espresso Coffee" For Our New Cappuccino Maker?


    Q: We love Cappuccino, and received a Cappuccino maker for Christmas. The directions call for "Espresso coffee." Is this different than other coffees? We have not been able to find any "Espresso coffee" in any store so far. All we can find is Cappuccino, but it is a mix that...

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