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  • What Is Stopping My Stovetop Espresso Maker From Making Coffee?


    Q: I recently bought a secondhand stove top espresso maker but it doesn't work. Whenever I try to make a pot, only about 1/4 of the water is forced through the coffee - I end up with lots of hot water in the bottom and only a little coffee in...

  • Japanese Green Tea


    Japanese green tea has spread to the farthest communities of tea drinkers all over the globe. Green tea, according to conservative tea drinkers, is considered the best tea there is, much better than black tea which had been the favorite for decades on end. Green tea is made exclusively from...

  • Can I Make Espresso In My Coffee Maker?


    Q: I love to drink Lattes, but hate to pay $4 for one at Starbucks every day. I have made strong coffee with steamed milk, and it's not too bad. Can I just buy Espresso and make it in my coffee maker?A: No, you're not supposed to - I asked...

  • Any Good/Yummy Hot Drinks That DON'T Give You Heartburn?


    Q: - Hot coffee gives me a lot of heartburn. - Hot chocolate gives me heartburn from the chocolate. - Hot cappuccino from the machines at local dairy marts gives me heartburn (and I love this stuff!). - Hot tea gives me heartburn and acidy stomach. - Steamed milk is yummy but fattening, and...

  • Why Do Colorado's 'Draconian' Laws Prevent Liquor-Licensed Coffee Shops From Selling Espresso Martinis To-Go?


    Q: Why do Colorado's 'Draconian' laws prevent liquor-licensed coffee shops from selling Espresso martinis to-go? It's an outrage, really.A: booze? This is insanity. Join me in New Orleans...we'll get plastered all day and public. No one cares, as long as you don't hurt anybody. You will be a good...

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