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  • Coffee Grinder Parts


    Coffee grinders are very important in the practice of preparing the coffee, starting with the sorting, roasting, the grinding and lastly the brewing. A coffee grinder is used to grind the coffee beans in order to obtain fresh aromatic coffees. All coffee lovers should know that the finer the coffee...

  • Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea


    Tea originated in the east, china to be specific and it took centuries for the wave to reach the west. In the meantime the Chinese had taken the time to develop the tea culture and savor the health benefits of tea before sharing it with the rest of the world....

  • Do You Use Coffee In An Espresso Machine?


    Q: I just got an Espresso machine and I don't know what to put in it. Are there special Espresso beans to use with it, or are you supposed to use coffee beans? I've been using 'Folgers' and it doesn't taste stong enough.A: It's not so much special beans as...

  • Fair Trade Coffee


    Have you ever wondered who produced the beans that were used to make your favorite cup of coffee? Well, most of them are farmers in third world countries that make very little income on farming coffee all year round. Coffee farmers don't get enough profit from selling coffee...

  • How Much Is A Cup Of Espresso At A 'Starbucks', And How Much Is It At A Non-Premium Coffee Shop?


    Q: I am not a coffee drinker; I need to know for my screenplay. Also, how many cups to become very jittery?A: Espresso is served by the shot. A double shot will probably run you about $2 give or take at a coffee shop or a 'Starbucks'. It really depends...

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