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A Cappuccino Machine Question?

Q: I'm looking to buy a Cappuccino machine, but I want to know what are the best brands? I don't want one of those crappy ones that make bubbles instead of foam. Also, do they require a specific kind of Expresso, or can I just use normal 'Nescafe'?

A: I have always used 'Krups' for Espresso machines. My first was a very basic model that made the Espresso in a carafe. The one I currently have is more of a professional model which uses steam to "brew" the coffee. I certainly can say that I trust Krups. Both units have a system on the side for steaming the milk and they both did a very good job with that. As for what kind of coffee... I buy either whole beans and grind them myself - VERY fine for an Espresso machine. OR, I buy Illy ground coffee. It's VERY good. I make my Cappuccino the old fashioned way - over the stove. 1. Make the Expresso with a traditonal stove top percolator. 2. Meanwhile, froth the milk over the stove in a pan over low heat. 3. When coffee and milk are done, use equal parts milk and coffee. 4. Drink it the way it is or add cream and sugar. 'Krupps' is a good, not too expensive, brand of Expresso machines. Any kind of coffee can be an Expresso, as long as it is dark roasted and finely ground. My favorite is 'Bustelo'. YUM!