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Advice About Coffee, Cappuccino, Espresso?

Q: What is an Espresso? What does it taste like (in comparison to coffee)? How much caffeine is in an Espresso? Can you get decaf Espresso? Does that affect the flavor? What is a Cappuccino? What does it taste like? How much caffeine is in a Cappuccino? Can you get a decaf Cappuccino? Does that effect the flavor? What are some good roasts of coffee bean? How much does decaffeinating change the flavor of coffee?

A: Espresso is very strong coffee, and that's exactly how it tastes. Yes, you can get decaf. No, it doesn't affect the flavor. Cappuccino has steamed milk in the Espresso. Yes, you can also get decaf since the "Cappuccino" only means w/ steamed milk. Not sure about the caffeine content difference...I'm sure Espresso has more caffeine. (I'm a coffee junkie & it still gives me a jolt when I drink it!) My favorite picks are any Jamaican coffee, any 'Kona' coffee, and always 'Starbucks' House Blend' & 'Seattles' Best Henry's Blend' (my absolute favorite) - both are very smooth, but with a bold taste. Well, my own good advice about "Flavored Coffees", yes they're okay, because that depends upon which brands are perfect blends. Like Mocchas! See some of them have caffeine free or rest could be Instant too. Espresso is a quickly-brewed coffee beverage that is dark roasted, fine-ground and brewed under pressure, a shot at a time. It is crowned with "crema", the product of proper brewing. Cappucino is brewed Espresso topped with steamed milk and froth, not sweetened unless you ask. You can get decaf. It tastes the same. I like dark or between roast coffee - it has a richer, chocolatey flavor. I don't find good coffee tastes any different as decaf. I don't know anything about that, but I know that you should really try a 'Mocha Frappichino' at 'STARBUCKS'!!!!! If u don't feel like coffee on days, order the 'Strawberry'n Lemonade Frappuccino'!!(At Starbucks!)