Anybody Else Find 'McDonald's' Espresso, Coffee Drinks Are Too Hot?

Q: I have to wait minutes, or else the drinks will burn my mouth. Even the hot chocolate is really hot. 'Starbucks' and local cafes serve drinks at more reasonable temperatures.

A: I love hot coffee. My sister in law used to get coffee out of the pot and put it in the microwave because it wasn't hot enough. I like coffee extremely hot, and tea extremely cold. It's the microwave that makes it hot. Don't like your drink too hot? Wait a few minutes, you will be ok. Geez. You people are complaining over something so minimal, AND 'McDonald's' is cheaper than 'Starbucks'. You people are just so stingy. What I did notice is that they are way too expensive. I already promised someone one, so I got it, but heck it was as much as 'Starbucks'. I wrote and told them so. Their response was worthless. I Learned my lesson. Maybe they want to make it quick..? Whatever you do, don't sue them. You'll be a broke loser if you do.