Any Good/Yummy Hot Drinks That DON'T Give You Heartburn?

Q: - Hot coffee gives me a lot of heartburn. - Hot chocolate gives me heartburn from the chocolate. - Hot cappuccino from the machines at local dairy marts gives me heartburn (and I love this stuff!). - Hot tea gives me heartburn and acidy stomach. - Steamed milk is yummy but fattening, and sometimes gives me gas and heartburn from lactic acid. Is there anything out there that's yummy and DOESN'T have acid, and DOESN'T give you heartburn?

A: Chamomile tea might be a good thing to try. It works for me. I have a hiatal hernia, and get heartburn sometimes, even though I take TWO 'Nexium' a day. Celestial Seasonings makes a tea that is pure chamomile. Other companies have teas that have blends of chamomile, mint, hibiscus, etc. I don't know what effect those would have. The chamomile has an added bonus of settling upset tummies and esophogeal spasms that I get with the hernia. Now, for a lecture: You need to see a doctor, right away! If your heartburn is that severe, it is a sign of something wrong, something that maybe can be treated very easily, like reflux disorder. If reflux is left untreated it can lead to esophogeal cancer. It takes years for it to happen, but why take a chance. There are other things that can be causing your heartburn. See a doctor. 1- Green tea. 2- One of those Malt drinks [Ovaltine, Milo, Horlicks]. 3- Or maybe you shouldn't drink anything hot at all. Try Sbux 'Caramel Frappe'!

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Janice said:

Hi, I don't know how old this post is. But this may be of interest. You could try Swedish Bitters, sometimes it's a case of having to little acid in your stomach that cause's the symptoms you are describing. Or you could have real food intollerances which also include caffiene. Generally Salisilites, amines, glutamate are the cause. Also if chocolate milo etc are still a cause for discomfort, I think you may very well have this. I am yet to come across a nice comforting drink myself, but on occassion decaf coffee with A2 milk is not so agrivating. You could have a look at a book called "Friendly Foods" Good Luck.