Are Espresso Beans The Same As Dark Roast Coffee Beans?

Q: Are Espresso beans the same as dark roast coffee beans? We just bought an Espresso maker, and don't know what kind of beans to buy.

A: Espresso beans are roasted dark. I used to manage a coffee shop for 3 years and our Espresso bean wasn't the darkest. In fact, on a scale of 1-10, it was like an 8 roast. We had a darker roast which was a 10 roast. On another note, it's not the actual bean that determines the "Espresso", it's the grind of the bean. To start out, you can gring your beans for different types of makers. You can grind an Espresso roast bean for a regular coffee maker. You'd grind that on medium. I can't recall exactly the order of the grinds. I know Espresso is like the second to the finest grind. The finest grind I believe is Turkish, it's clost to being a powder. If you go to a 'Kroger' or a 'Mijer', you can look at the grinders they have there in the isles and check out the dial for the different course-ness of grinds. If you like flavors, you can grind flavors into an Espresso grind, but I dont recommend it, your machine will take on the flavor eventually. Get like a medium-dark bean with an Espresso grind and you'll be happy. If you go too fine, you'll have more grings in your shot of brewed Espresso, too course and it won't brew correctly. You'll have a weak shot. There is no such thing as Espresso beans. Espresso is a drink. It is made with coffee beans. The coffee beans can be of any origin you wish to use. A lot of 'fancy smancy' coffee houses burn their coffees, and then claim it is Espresso roast. Some coffee sellers do have an Espresso blend, which is different coffees or different roasts blended to provided a certain desired flavor. The roast degree most typically referenced in roasting are: City (the lightest) City +, Full City, Fully City+, French Roast, Spanish Roast (the darkest before charcoal). Many places insist that Espresso must be the darkest roast. Not true. I know many folks who use beans that have only been roasted to city. You should use dark roast coffee beans, preferably Italian for your Espresso machine. Dark roast beans tend to have a stronger flavor, therefore most suited for making Espresso.