Are You A Coffee Drinker?

Q: And if so, how do you prefer your coffee....plain old coffee with sugar, or cream? OR Do you prefer your coffee as Espresso, Cappuccino, or Cafe Au Lait, etc.? Do you buy and grind your own coffee beans or use instant? If you prefer Espresso or a Mocha Latte, do you have a special coffee machine, or buy from your local coffee shop?

A: I like Java City coffee, but can only get it at certain places at work. Plus, I have to add cream and sugar, a lot since it is so STRONG, but has a good flavor. My own drink, I make myself when I first get up. It has a cup of hot milk, then add instant coffee. Warm up some more, then add 2 spoons of choc. malt ovaltine, then 2 level spoons of sugar. I love coffee! I would die without it! I don't usually make my own, but there is a 'Starbucks' on campus and I usually get a 20oz coffee with a little bit of cream and one sweet and low. If I decide I want a special treat, I get a skinny triple shot Vanilla Latte. I used to work at a coffee shop, so i love almost all coffee drinks. I'm not really a coffee drinker, but my roommate is. She takes 2 cups daily. When she used this new instant 'Nescafe' that had a really good aroma, I got converted for 2 nights only. :) I also tried mixing Swiss Miss French Vanilla with Nescafe Instant. It's like Frothe, very good. Coffee black with 2 sugars- I have tried the some of flavored coffee's at WaWa and some of them are pretty good. I make my own coffee at home unless I am at the store for something then I will buy a cup. Lattes are not bad, but I still prefer just plain old coffee to get going in the mornings. Regular coffee with one or maybe two sugars and usually only in the morning to get me going ( jump start my system... and one around 2 keep me going..) but, anything after 2 pm will keep me awake when I go to bed. I pay homage to my dark black god of awakening. Each morning I am greeted by the sacrement of eye opening while meditating on the world's events. Praise beith to the all mighty Tim Horton's and their deus ex machina..."coffee drinker" would be a major understatement. If I could get an IV hook up I would. At home I use Maxwell House, and drink it with milk. Every once in a while, I buy whole beans and grind my own. A couple of times a day I get a regular Latte from 'Starbucks', no sweeteners or syrups.