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Automatic Coffee Machines- Which Is Best?

Q: I'm trying to find a reliable automatic coffee machine that produces a quality coffee - i.e. a frothy Cappuccino, and decently frothed Latte, etc! It can't be massively big, so probably no more than 500mm wide and 600mm deep. The height isn't so much of a problem. It must be relatively easy to use and maintain (cleaning etc.). Prices are not as much an issue for the right machine. It can't take 3 days to make a coffee and quite IMPORTANTLY, the hot water must be hot enough to make tea! At the moment all our current models use the same water that makes the coffee for the tea and this cannot be altered as it would burn the coffee - So maybe one with a twin boiler is the answer?? To explain- We currently have a chain of 13 shops, of which there are 3/4 different varieties of machine - none of which are amazing. Going forward, we only want to purchase one model to make a consistent coffee across the brand.

A: Bunn brand hands down! Mine has a reservoir that keeps the water hot so I can start drinking my coffee 3-4 minutes after I pour the water through! They also have great customer service!Try reading The Consumers Report. They give great answers on many of our purchases.