Best Brand Of Espresso/Cappuccino Makers?

Q: Best brand of Espresso/Cappuccino makers? I am browsing online for one. For those experienced in home Espresso/Cappuccino machines, what's your opinion?

A: Mine was like $90, but it has a coffee maker. Espresso makers can make Cappuccinos, Lattes, and steamed milk. In the long run, it is much cheaper than getting coffee everyday. I like to buy my own beans and grind them daily. Plus, 'Krupps' is well known, and makes quality products. 'Saeco' 'Faema' I have a 'Saeco', and it makes pretty good Espresso at the push of a button. If you're cheap, 'Bialetti' is the way to go. I have an amazing 'Starbucks Barista'....they come in cute colors too!