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Can Anyone Recommend A Really Good Coffee Machine?

Q: I'm looking for a coffee machine that I can make Cappuccino’s, and Latte's, etc. I have seen loads of different ones on ebay and don't want to spend more than £100.

A: I went on ebay just before Christmas and ordered my husband a 'Gagia Espresso Machine' from italy. It was a buy now, not a bid. I got it including delivery for £89 new. It's great, even the fittings, and the European plug socket. A standard computer adapter has the same voltage required and fits perfectly. It's the best thing i've ever bought him we use it every day. Of course the key is not just the maker but putting decent coffee into it as well. I recently bought a 'Mirabella Cucina' coffee machine here in Australia for $A69 which is great for Cappuccinos, Lattes and Cortes. It's a pump type machine which is what is required for good operation. I don't know if they're available where you are, but I'd recommend it. The 'Tassimo' machine is fab - we started with 'Senseo', but its difficult to get "pods" for anything other than just plain coffee for that one - the 'Tassimo' has a much wider range - Latte, Hot Choc, Expresso etc... not too expensive either - try Dixons online!! I got a brand new 'DeLonghi' from Cash Converters for 50Quid and it's a great machine, it makes: Cappuchinos, Espressos, and Lattes, and normal filter too. Its never let me down, and was a great investment!