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Can I Make Espresso In My Coffee Maker?

Q: I love to drink Lattes, but hate to pay $4 for one at Starbucks every day. I have made strong coffee with steamed milk, and it's not too bad. Can I just buy Espresso and make it in my coffee maker?

A: No, you're not supposed to - I asked them at 'Starbucks', and they said: "You have to get an Espresso maker" (but, i hear ya, about having to go to 'Starbucks' every day - i'm trying to break myself!). It depends on the make and model of the coffee maker. My mother once had one that you could do that with, if you could figure out. Such a complicated coffee maker. It was a good one though, before something went wrong with it. Buy an Italian moka (or mocha - Italian coffee maker), it's simple to make strong coffee, once you get coffee, add milk. 'Italian Moka' is just as small as a jar or glass, you put it on the stove to make coffee. After using and washing it, you keep it away like you do with a glass or a jar ...No, because Espresso refers to the process. The water has to be forced very quickly under high pressure through the beans. However, you can easily imitate 'Starbucks' Espresso and save lots of money (Why support a huge chain that refuses to trade fairly with the coffee growers, anyway?). All you have to do is buy a dark roast (such as French), make your coffee strong, and add steamed milk/soymilk ... or even add flavour syrup, such as vanilla, hazelnut, or Irish Cream. Pro coffee at home, and without putting a paper cup in a landfill...