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Can You Make A Cappuccino In An Espresso Machine?

Q: I was thinking of getting my sister a Cappuccino machine, but it's easier to find an Espresso machine. I found some are just for plain coffee, Cappuccino, or Espresso. With some machines, you can make all three. What do you think is my best option? She loves sweet, creamy coffee.

A: Cappuccino is just Espresso and steamed milk (to make foam), so, if she has another way of making steamed milk, she can use an Espresso machine, but if she likes Cappuccino, an Espresso machine will not do. We have a 'Capresso Ultima 121' that makes both very easily, is easy to clean because you don't have to do it after every cup as you do with most Espresso machines, and only cost about $300 as opposed to the thousands that some Cappuccino machines can set you back. Check it out. Personally, I would want an Espresso machine. You can make many more drinks in an Espresso machine, including a Cappuccino. A cappuccino is shots of Espresso with steamed milk (but with more frothed milk and less hot milk....more milk less froth would be a Latte.) the only problem is that maybe your sister doesn't know how to use an Espresso machine, or how to steam/froth the milk? It really isn't that hard, but many people are intimidated. If you think she might not feel 100% comfortable, maybe you could get her an instructional video to go along with? I think the Espresso machine is the best option. A Cappuccino is nothing more than Espresso coffee with frothed milk added. What you will need, to make that froth, is a milk frother. Those are attached on cappuccino machines. This machine willl then be able to make both Cappuccinos and Espressos. Big tip: get your sis a stainless-steel frothing pitcher to froth that milk in as well. They are usually NOT sold with the Cappuccino machines. 'Mr. Coffee' makes a decent machine for around $40, and prices go up from there. Espresso is concentrated coffee. Usually it's a couple of ounces. Adding 1/3 milk & 1/3 foam to Espresso = cappuccino. Adding hot water to Espresso = 'Americano' or coffee.