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Can You Make Espresso With Coffee Beans?

Q: I just got a new Espresso machine - but I have no Espresso. Would it be at all feasible to use coffee beans to brew Espresso, or is this useless? What's the difference? If I end up using coffee beans, should I be using a light, medium, or dark roast?

A: Espresso is made from coffee beans, ground very finely. They are often called Espresso beans because of the way they are roasted, which gives them their richer and bitter flavor. Yes, you can most deinitely use coffee beans. Grind them wellpack into an Espresso machine, and enjoy. What kind of coffee do you usually drink? If you go to the store, and you know how they have those grinders? You can still get a bag of beans, and then select the "Espresso" grind. Any bean will do (dark the better). I would suggest that you just get a can of espresso already ground. My favorite is Lavazza. Illy is also very good. Starbucks makes a bag of espresso as well. It will look more like powder then grainy like regular drip coffee.