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Q: My wife got a MR COFFEE Espresso & Cappuccino maker for X-MAS, but there were no instructions on how to work it. Can you help? E-mail welcome. THANK YOU

A: Just FYI... at last count, Mr.Coffee offers at least five (5) different models of Espresso & Cappuccino makers. To get you the right instructions, we'd need to know the model number of the unit you have. Mr.Coffee "used to" offer instructions online for all their products in a PDF format. I just checked their site and it appears they no longer post them. (Maybe the product line / maintenance got to be too much). Anyway, in the support section of their site they state, if you lost your instructions, you only need to complete their support form, make sure you complete section two, and in the comments section of the form, state that you lost the instructions. 1. Go to the store where it came from. 2. Turn it back in. Pocket the $50 or so. 3. Go to any of several websites and get a decent grinder. The Solis Maestro works fine to begin with (I like it, that is : ) ). 4. Get a decent beginner pump machine, something that can reach 15 bars pressure. It's been said here that the Krups Gusto is a good beginner machine. I got a brand-new Saeco Via Veneto off eBay for $70, and it was terrific. 5. Read their manual instead.