Cappuccino Chocolate Sprinkles

Q: I have recently bought a De'Longhi filter/Espresso/Cappuccino maker. Getting used to it now, and pleased with the coffee! However, I have a (stupid?) question: where do I buy the chocolate sprinkles for the Cappuccino? Better yet, where do I buy a decent dispenser to put it in?

A: Try Drury Tea and Coffee They do both dispenser and sprinkles. By the way, and I speak from personal experience here, the chocolate flakes are too big to fit through the dispenser lid. I ended up using mine for cinnamon. You might have more luck with the chocolate spinkles, however. Stephen, Get a nice block of good dark chocolate and one of those Zyliss hand-crank graters. A few turns over your coffee, and mmmmmmmmm. They (we) use them on their sandwiches, so they come in big, cheap, boxes with handy dispensers built in. :) Here in Belgium, you can get them as well, only the boxes are much smaller (but the chocolate is much better ;) As an alternative, buy a bar of your favourite chocolate and use a coarse grater to grate some freshly over your coffee. Much nicer than pre-processed chocolate sprinkles.