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Q: I just tried cappuccino for the first time at my local Turkeyhill store. Everyone in our little down raves about this Cappuccino. French vanilla is the best! I am thinking about buying a Cappuccino maker and trying this myself at home. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

A: I have a problem. I don't really like Cappuccino. The other day my girlfriend took me to her favorite stall to try my first Cappuccino in many years, but I didn't like it at all. Perhaps, it was the froth too dry, or, it was the Espresso too watery. Like in the post GSVal has said that people 'in our little town rave about this' beverage. What's your trick to an agreeable cup of cappuccino? Well, I did add cinnamon. It didn't bring out anything in the Espresso, but it did add a distinctive flavour to the milk, which I liked. Why can't I like Cappuccino? You may prefer to start with a Cafe Latte. They are smoother and tend to be popular with new coffee drinkers (an assumption of you on my part) as they blend very well with any of the flavouring syrups. You may try going back to your girlfriends stall of choice and trying a latte or perhaps a flavoured latte. This may be more to your liking. Also, you may just not like Cappuccinos. I don't like avacado and my girlfriend does. So, when we have nachos (or in your case go out for coffee), she has guacamole and I have sour cream (draw your own conclusions from this stretched analogy).