Is It A Good Idea To Give A Woman A Cappuccino Machine For Her Birthday? She Loves Cappuccino!

Q: Or, will she think that the gift is a subtle way of saying: "Quit making me buy you late night coffee, you, crazy bioch"?

A: If she loves Cappuccino, giving her a good Cappuccino machine shows you know what she likes. If you want to make sure she's not thinking you don't want to get her coffee anymore, put an envelope inside the wrapping paper with a home-made "gift certificate" from you "for free cappuccino making services"!I think its a great idea:)....If you are a bit worried, write on the card that she is still entitled to late night coffee at the cafe (or wherever). Just, now she can have her coffee anytime the mood hits :) It's a good idea, she might think you're tired of buying coffee for her every night but that is a best polite way to tell her the truth ...hehe