Capuccino Machine/Betty Crocker Or Braun/Any Good?

Q: I was in K-Mart last night and saw both of these cappuccino machines for roughly $50 apiece. Now I'm brand new to drinking this tastey beverage (long time coffee drinker though....) and always get it the local deli-marts that have the machines, and I'm wondering if either of these two machines I mentioned make cappuccino similar to the store machines? Also, are they easy to use? I'd really appreciate any info that I can get.

A: The Braun is widely known as one of the worst espresso machines ever designed. The idea of a "Betty Crocker" espresso machine is too surreal for me. See if you can locate a Briel Lido. I have this recipe for cappuccino that I found in Better Homes and Gardens that I prefer over home machine-made coffee. Espresso Coffee (about 2-3 teaspoons prepared by coffee maker) 1 cup of milk heated to just a boil. In a coffee mug, combine 1/2 cup of coffee with 1/2 cup of milk after both the milk and coffee are ready to be served. Then add sugar, cinnamon, or cocoa as desired. Enjoy!!! What you are describing in the recipe bears no resemblance whatsoever to real cappuccino. Besides, you said: heat the milk just to a boil - that would involve scalding it, and that should NEVER be done. The milk temperature, when frothing for REAL cappuccino, should not exceed 96-97 centigrades (boiling temp. is 100 centigrades). Oh, by the way; both the Betty and the Braun machine are completely useless. That's a Cafe au Lait, not a Cappuccino. Cappuccino requires that the milk be frothed rather than just heated. Also, to make half a cup (4 oz) of espresso requires AT LEAST 4 TABLESPOONS of ground coffee. An espresso machine. 2 2oz doubles, each made with 2T of coffee will provide 4 oz or 1/2 C of espresso. Any less will just make nasty tasting coffee-dishwater.