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Coffee Espresso Maker... Should I buy?

Q: Hey Coffee Peeps, I was @ Wal- Mart today, and I passed by a display for a Mr. Coffee Espresso/ Cappuccino Maker. Remembering the bad experiences I had the last time I bought an Espresso maker from Wal-Mart years ago (a Magic Chef "steam toy") Well, this was way before I knew anything about Espresso and thought I was getting a great deal for $29.99. Well, it started to leak and the carafe broke and I returned it. Now that I know A LOT more about the wonderful art of Espresso thanks to, and needed you guys's advice. Should I buy the Mr. Coffee Espresso/Cappuccino Maker (Model ECMP10) for $45.99? I looked at the demo, and it was really heavy, about 20 pounds. The box said it was pump driven, and it has a changeble portafilter for one and two drip. Should I buy it? Do you guys think its a good deal? Its not a steam toy; it has a water resivoir and doesnt weigh 5 pounds like the Magic Chef. Just need your feedback before I splurge. (not really, I REALLY want the Silvia, but can't afford it now) Thanks for reading my post, if your still awake.

A: I've played with the Krups Gusto and the Briel Lido. Both can make decent Espresso. The Briel has a crema doohickey on the portafilter, the Krups does not. The frothing wand on the Briel is too short, and cannot be used without the frothing gizmo. If I had to choose between the gusto and the lido (and i did), i'd choose the gusto (and i did). -Barry (a retailer who used to sell the lido and now sells the gusto; but I sell it cuz I like it, rather than liking it cuz I sell it)