Coffee Maker?

Q: This might seem a daft question, but I'm not a coffee drinker, so excuse my ignorance on the subject. Would you use this coffee machine for making coffee only, or is it more of a Cappuccino making thingy? I am looking for a last minute birthday present and this seems to be the only one in stock that I can reserve to pick up tomorrow.

A: No, I think you can make regular coffee with it, and it also has the frothy milk gizmo as well - which is a bonus. That's a nice present, Yay! Thats the one I have, and it makes great coffee as well as Lattes, and Cappuccinos. Looks to me that it does both. It is a nice one, and I'm sure if you choose to purchase it, your friend will love it....I know I would! You can make lots of different kinds of coffee with it.