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Coffee Or Cappuccino???

Q: Hi! We have an Espresso machine at work. Usually, I drink 2 Lavazza Espressos per day. Yesterday, they brought us Cappuccino...made of dry milk. I was wondering...what is healthier: coffee or cappuccino? And what is the RIGHT rate of coffee per day? Thanks!

A: I believe coffee is healthier, but a Cappuccino is more tasteful, and for me is like a "guilty pleasure" that I give to myself from time to time......1-3 cups a day is ok. It's probably better to have a Latte, or cappuccino with skimmed/low fat milk. The milk would neutralize the acid in the coffee, and it would be fat free, but use real milk, not powdered. In large quantities neither are healthy, but I prefer Cappuccino. Metaphorically, coffee is gas, Cappuccino is nitro. It puts a little extra glide in your stride. Coffee with milk or cuppuchino? Erm, I'd still prefer Cappuccino, I think, though Latte comes first. which is healthier? I'm not sure, because I don't know the ingredients of both and I won't assume here... I'd say the right rate is to drink coffee in moderation, same with majority of everything else you consume :) I drink a cup of tea everyday... coffee replaces tea once in a month, approximately... I like coffee, but my tummy will get stomach pains from the acid if I drink it on an empty tummy :D Last round I took Coffee, I had to take antacid to neutralize the acids, so it depends on the individual, but practice moderation if possible. Coffee without sugar and a little milk doesnt hurt and will help neutralize the acids in coffee. This is the ratio: For every ounce of coffee you must drink 2 ounces of water to rehydrate yourself. Of course, this does not take into account the caffeine factor. It depends on your size. Im 100 lbs so I limit myself to 12 ounces a day max which includes cream (I'm super thin, and gotta have my cream). Also-do you have a lot of anxiety? Have only 8 ounces max if you do. REAL Cappuccino is healthier because it has milk. I don't even know where to begin telling you what's wrong with powdered capp.