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Combination Coffee Maker/Exspresso/Cappuccino Machine

Q: My Cindy and I (novices) are looking for a good combo machine. Understanding we're probably not looking for high end cappuccino, we would appreciate recommendations. Any ideas?

A: I've never used one, but have heard a lot about them. They seem to start at around $150 and go up steeply from there. In any large chain department store of discount house, you can get a separate burr grinder and drip coffeemaker together for $100 to $150 depending on what you get, and whether you hit a sale, and each separate machine will probably do a better job at its job than the different parts of the combo. Besides, if the grinder in the combo dies, you give up the brewer too, if you take it in for repairs. In some of the machines, one machine might not even work without the other part not functioning. The two separate maker and grinder don't seem to take up any more counter space, and maybe take even less, than the large combo unit. I saw a nice Italian-made combo job in a store that looked nice, but it was $295. I payed $35 for my used Braun burr grinder and $35 on sale for my Krupps Cafe Aroma 134 with the gold-plated permanent filter! Think how much Kenya Double A Is. I can buy with the difference!