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DeLonghi Pump Espresso Makers

Q: Have any of you folks experimented with the DeLonghi suite of Espresso makers? That is to say... can they make good espresso - good enough to drink? There's a "19A" Espresso-cappuccino maker on eBay right now. I use a stove-top right now. Stainless steel is very reliable!

A: Yes, I used a Delonghi called at the time the Cafe Treviso but what seems to be identical to the BAR 140. I have looked at others. Delonghi is a conglomerate company, from what I can tell, so their Espresso machines are not necessarily related. Many of the ones I've checked out in person were steam toys or thermoblock pieces of crap. The one I had actually had a small stainless steel boiler, a fine pump, and produced Espresso adequate for tasty milk drinks [with fine steaming power while temp surfing the steam wand] . I would avoid it for straight Espresso, however, sans milk. I took a look at the 19A. I'm not sure what that offers over the $36 Buy-it-now DeLonghi BAR140. In fact, I suspect they are virtually identical, but I cannot be sure. If you like, you can read my fuller review (written when I was more of a novice) on