Does A Cappuccino Have More, Less, Or The Same Amount Of Caffeine That A Regular Brewed Coffee Has?

Q: I live near a convenience store that sells a generic brand of coffee called 'Beantown'. While they have a brewed "gourmet blend" (which tastes ok at best), they also have a machine that makes Cappuccinos and hot chocolates, etc. I'm wondering if a Cappuccino (which was quite good) has the same amount of caffeine?

A: A Cappuccino has about 100mg of caffeine, while a regular brewed coffee has about 85mg. So, there isn't much difference, unless you drink decaf, which only has 3mg. The sheer size of American Coffee (i.e. 'Dunkin Donuts') makes them the Caffeine machines. Usually Cappuccino has less caffeine, e.g. 'Starbucks Grande Coffee' has 372mg 'Starbucks Cappuccino' has only 116mg