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Dog Coffee?

Q: My dog just grabbed about 4 licks of my coffee before I caught him. I found online that caffeine is toxic at about 63 mg per pound of body weight. I drink Espresso (made in coffee machine so not as strong) diluted with milk, so it has about 126 mg in the whole cup. If my dog weighs 21lb he can have more than 1200mg before it would kill him. How much will make him sick? If he ever drinks a whole cup in the future should I call the vet, or would it need like a whole pot before I call the vet?

A: He should be fine, but in the future you should keep anything with caffeine out of reach of your pets. Even a little bit over time can cause severe health problems, including heart disease or death. I had a 5 lb Yorkie a couple years ago. One night we found he was very restless, wanting to play with us. The next day, I happened to noticed the cup of coffee we left the day before was gone. You figure out the reason. If your calculations are right, he'd have to have about 10 cups before it would kill him, but it might make him sick. Keep an eye on him to make sure he is acting okay. Dogs generally don't like the taste of coffee. I wouldn't worry too much. I doubt drinking one cup would put a dog that size in trouble, but I would not give it to him as a drink. It will make him hyperactive.