Do I Use French Vanilla Coffee To Make French Vanilla Cappuccino?

Q: I bought a Mr. Coffee Cappuccino/Espresso machine for my husband for Christmas. He wants 'French Vanilla' Cappuccino, like at the gas stations, rich and creamy. Do I use 'French Vanilla' coffee, or something else?

A: The 'French Vanilla' mix from machines is totally different than actual Cappuccinos. They use powdered creamer, lots of sugar, and coffee. 'French Vanilla Cappuccino', say at a 'Starbucks', would be a Cappuccino flavored with 'French Vanilla' syrup. It would be similiar to the machine you bought. Comparing them would be apples to oranges. What your husband likes is similiar to General Foods International Coffee, you know those little red cans in the coffee aisle. He likes Cappuccino mixes, not actual Cappuccinos. Recipe #1: Ingredients: 1 ½ Cups Milk ¾ Cups Sugar Pinch salt 2 Cups Heavy (Whipping) Cream 3 Egg Yolks 1 Tablespoon vanilla extract Directions: Mix egg yolks, ¼ cup sugar, and salt in bowl with a wire whisk until well blended. Set aside. Scald milk by heating in top portion of a double boiler until near boil without actually boiling. Stir occasionally as milk heats. As soon as you start seeing milk bubbles forming around the inside edges of the pot as well as some steam rising, add remaining sugar and stir into milk until dissolved. Remove from heat, and cool slightly. Slowly drizzle egg yolk mixture into milk while stirring gently with a wire whisk. Return to heat, and continue to cook on double boiler until the mixture thickens slightly, forming custard (it will coat the back of a spoon such that a line drawn across it with your finger will hold for 2 seconds). Remove from the heat and cool. Add cream and Vanilla. Chill before freezing in your ice cream maker. Freeze according to ice cream machine manufacturer’s instructions. Recipe #2: Ingredients: 1 cup milk 2 tsp. packed light brown sugar 1 1/2 cups (12 oz.) strong, brewed Millstone® Bed & Breakfast Blend® coffee 1/2 tsp. pure vanilla extract Ground cinnamon or cocoa Directions: In a small saucepan, combine the milk and vanilla. Scald the milk (heat until almost boiling). Remove from the heat. Cover and let the milk stand for 5 minutes. If you like your coffee sweetened, stir sugar into the milk. Reheat the milk briefly over high heat until steaming. Transfer the milk to a blender. Whirl milk until frothy, at least 45 seconds. Half-fill two warmed coffee mugs or cups with hot coffee. Add the hot milk, dividing it evenly, and spoon a little bit of the froth into the cups. Sprinkle the cinnamon or cocoa lightly on top.