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Do You Use Coffee In An Espresso Machine?

Q: I just got an Espresso machine and I don't know what to put in it. Are there special Espresso beans to use with it, or are you supposed to use coffee beans? I've been using 'Folgers' and it doesn't taste stong enough.

A: It's not so much special beans as the roast. Most Espresso is dark roasted, those beans are best ground on the fine setting on a grinder. If you don't have a grinder, you can find pre-ground coffee in the stores or online, just look for dark roasted or Espresso labels. Beans affect the taste of the coffee you get. The machine is something that helps you get the coffee. Select the bean that suits your taste and use it. Yes, you just use a large amount compared to the small amount of water you use so it comes out stronger. You can buy special grounds but it is not necessary. You must have an Espresso machine...It is the way it brews that makes it Espresso. Congrats on your purchase! I think an Espresso machine is something I may be getting soon! I just love Espresso! To answer your question, there are special Espresso beans you would probably prefer to use. They come in a variety of blends. You would grind these to a very fine grind. You would be able to make Espresso or Cappuchino with these beans. The term "Espresso" encompasses the bean colour, type of roast, how the grind is, and how quickly the Espresso is made at a particular bar. 7 bar is preferable. I am sorry I cannot recommend a particular brand, as I do not use them, but I have a link for you below to check out on how to make a perfect Espresso, and another site with different types of beans. Good luck, and happy Espresso hunting!You need to buy Espresso coffee! Your supermarket should carry it. If not, go to a 'Delicatessen' ( and Italian 'Delicatessen' is best) or food market. You should be able to find good Espresso beans there. Many markets carry imported Espresso coffee or beans. You can also get Espresso coffee beans, and grind them yourself. I use an imported brand and grind them myself and the coffee is always fresh and so delicious... By the way, I also got a Espresso machine for Christmas too.