Elektra Microcasa!

Q: I´ve found it very hard to find any reviews on the Elektra MicroCasa Semiautomatica. Has someone out there any experience with this machine, please share it with me.

A: At least one a.c regular (not me!) would argue that this makes it a very superior machine indeed, as it can heat 2 liters of water with a tiny element as compared with other machines with smaller boilers and larger elements. Seriously, one wonders if the Euro models of this same machine have higher heat ratings (corresponding to the more macho power). I expressed myself a tad too elliptically. I agree with what you say about pumps, although if there were any home machines available with a significantly 'better' pump, then I'd be inclined to look to those first. There would appear to be none such... at least not in my [and seemingly your] experience. What I was trying to get at is that, for example, heavy brass is, as you imply, likely to produce better results [on account of thermal properties] than some lighter, cheaper stuff, and i think that on the whole, the better quality components are also quite likely to be the more heavy duty ones. My point is that it is best to buy the highest ALL ROUND quality [not perfectly but at least positively correlated to price] one can afford. Better quality components = better espresso. In a word, there is no magic and if you have to space and the money to 'go commercial', then do so, rather than buying a domestic machine. I know, too though, that not everyone can do that, nor is everyone's taste so evolved that they need to do so. Well , although I´ve always loved a good cup of Espresso and cappuccino, I really am a newbie in the world of Espresso brewing, roasting and grinding etc. etc. It looks like the Elektra will be a nice Espresso maker for the money , a nice first one, I will get it. When I´ve learned more about the art of Espresso making,(I read it takes years) I might consider an upgrade. Thanks for all your support ... this is indeed a nice coffee forum.