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Espresso Machine? Can You Recommend A Good One?

Q: I want to spend under 100.00 USD for an Espresso machine. Are there any good ones that last for 2(day) use, with good pressure, and quality in general?

A: Any electric pump machines under $100 are imo a waste of money. A good home pump machine will run you at least $300 and goes up from there. A stovetop mocha pot makes good Espresso, at a great price. I have a bialetti 3 cup pot that goes for about $20. You can, of course, get the larger models that make up to 12 cups. They will run you about $50. Under $100, there is no good Espresso machine. A good Espresso machine costs around $400 (Francis!) and an OK one will be around $150-$300. It is also good to have a Grinder. I have a Delonghi, and it's a OK machine. You can ask about 'Krups' for under $200, but I don't know if this machine is good or not. You also can try a stove top MOKA.