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Espresso Machine Recommendations - Home Use

Q: Can anyone offer some info on buying a pump driven Espresso/steamer for home use. I have purchased two from a mail order place that I returned and would appreciate any info from either satisfied or unhappy users. Thanks.

A: I can personally, and highly recommend Briel Espresso/cappuccino makers. I currently own a Briel Lido and get superb results! Their entire product line features the same pumps, thermostats, filter holder, and 'Crema Master' filter. In Canada we get a 10 year warranty on the pump and the company arranges all courier shipments, etc. for you! We've put together a section featuring their entire product line on our Espresso site: You will want to check out the machinery/equipment section off the main page. I'm not sure I understand that at full. ~Pump~ driven are this kind of machines with motorized pump inside? If yes, then try some middle sized italian machines (DeLonghi ect). I prefair classic machines works only with steam pressure. I have one Bialetti ~cappuccino super~ (electric) & one classic Espresso coffemaker (caffettiera) ~Golden~ for six cups. The secret is the correct cutting of coffee. If you buy coffee from stores, ask you coffee to be cut at "turkish" position. Espresso for italian machines is thinner than American specs for "Espresso" cut. I have this problem on some stores using american machines for cutting. If you can, buy a good quality machine to cut coffee at your home. It is an expensive solution, but gives you total control. A good machine for coffee cutting cost here more than a good coffee maker for home use(!). Typical prices are about $100-$200 for a medium sized coffee maker (electrical) and $300-$400 for cuting machines (small sized). If you don't like this idea, try ready made Espresso coffee for machines, from good italian houses like Luigi Lavazza, Illy ect. It is difficult to find out a totally suitable machine for your aesthetic needs (taste). You need to experiment with coffees, machines, cuttings and finally, to drink a lot of cups. Follow your taste.