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Espresso machines in the UK

Q: I'm in the market for an espresso machine, and I've looked around the coffee shops here (Manchester, UK). The choice seems to be either the Gaggia range (from the Costa shops) and the Pavoni (professional, I think) from Whittard. The problem is that nobody really seems to know what they're talking about in these shops. The only machine that anyone could demonstrate was a Gaggia Classic Coffee (which produced a great coffee), but I'd obviously like to make a more informed choice. Does anyone know of a shop that sell these (or similar) machines, know a bit about them, and can demonstrate them, preferably in the Manchester area (although I do go to London from time to time). I know this is a tall order, but any help/advice would be appreciated.

A: We can certainly help. Qualitasse are experts in just this field! To find out a bit about us, feel free to either visit our web site that we are just putting together (, e-mail our Espresso expert (, or feel free to give him a call (Michael - 01256 763614). We are based in Hampshire, but operate throughout the UK, and can certainly install in Manchester. Here in the U.S. there are many choices. I wanted a commercial expresso machine and ended up buying a Bunn Express from a food service dealer. I can make an excellent expresso or cappachino, but it took practice. Everyone I know who has a machine has had to learn it's 'quirks' before they were satisfied with the output. Try calling Fairfax Engineering in London (0171-7227646). They are BRIEL's Distributors in the U.K. and sell the Chamonix Espresso/Cappuccino maker.