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Espresso With Instant Coffee?

Q: I am wanting to make an Espresso, yet I only have instant coffee at home. Is it a case of simply using the instant coffee with a little water in a small, shot-sized mug?

A: Just about. Use about double the amount called for, for a 6 oz cup. Make sure you add boiling water, just be careful, as it can sputter when you pour it. No, that's not the case, you need Espresso coffee and a special Espresso coffee maker - otherwise all you'll make is very strong, undrinkable instant coffee - not Espresso. Also, it is better to use bottled still water for Espresso if you live in the UK - the water in Italy is sweeter than the UK...Ummmmmmm,no. An Espresso pot, along with Espresso itself, is what you'll need... and don't forget the fresh lemon. All you'll be making if you do it your way is very hot, strong instant coffee... it's just not the same.