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Espresso Without Espresso/Coffee Machine? How?

Q: Espresso without Espresso/coffee machine? How? That's right, I don't have an Espresso machine, and will not buy one, yet I really want to pull a good Espresso. How can I without a machine?

A: You could follow the instructions at the site below, minus adding milk. All you need is a small saucepan, water, ESPRESSO coffee and an item called a colador that is pictured on the webpage below. Hope this helps: Cant do it without the proper technology. You need pressure and steam. Go to a coffee shop if you want an Espresso. "Espresso is a coffee beverage prepared using water under pressure."You can make some pretty strong coffee with a regular maker - I usually stick two filters in, which actually allows the water to soak in the coffee for a little bit longer. Then just pour in some extra coffee (buy the strongest kind - and maybe grind it a little finer). I stick to 8 o'clock coffee myself - the arabic kind or the french roast are both pretty good. You can also pour the coffee you made into a pan and cook it down for a few minutes on the stove to make it thicker.You can make Espresso at home cheaply with a stove-top Espresso maker, but it will NOT taste the same as one you buy at a coffee shop. There are instant Espressos on the market, just add hot water and it foams or something like that ... no comment on what might be in them, I have never looked. If you are willing to shell out about $300, you can get a good home Espresso machine ('Starbucks'' are really good, if they still sell them) or go to a restaurant food equipment store that specializes in them, but if you are not willing to spend money I would just keep going out for Espresso rather than do it cheaply at home. You can't. Espresso is, by definition, coffee made with water under high pressure. That's why you need a rather expensive machine to make actual Espresso. You can make what's called "Mocha Coffee" with the cheap $20 stovetop pots that some people here have recommended. It tastes sort of like Espresso and is strong, concentrated coffee, but it's NOT Espresso... it's Mocha. It's good though!