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Good Coffee To Make Espresso?

Q: I just got an Espresso machine, and I was wondering what a good coffee to use for it would be. Thanks!

A: Find a local roaster that will provide you with fresh roasted coffee, and good advice on blends to use. Some of the packaged stuff may be O.K., but I wouldn't trust it because they usually can't confirm a roast date, and the stamped date or the mythical "Expiration Date" is a joke. I have found some that are 8 months away from the date I intended to purchase. NO coffee is good that long.... Back to the suggestion. A local roaster will give you some tips on the different coffees available, but IF they try to push the DARK-DARK roasted stuff onto you, turn and leave. They don't know what they are doing. If you don't think I am giving you the straight info, go to this web site: You can browse the site for all kinds of info on Different types of coffees, different methods of brewing, and a lot of links to Espresso sites. Get into the Espresso game with good coffee, not some baggy over roasted cheap beans. If you do that, you might as well hook it up with 'FLOGERS' or 'SMACKSWELLHOSE'. D & M coffee is AMAZING! It's roasted in Ellensburg, Washington, and they will ship it to you fresh as often as you want it. It's also relatively cheap. One more thing, buy the coffee in whole beans, and buy yourself a grinder. It will make your coffee taste more fresh.