Hamilton Beach Espresso/Cappuccino Maker

Q: Hello, I just bought the above mentioned maker and am having troubles. It came with a VHS tape but I only have dvd players... Any help is greatly appreciated! The problem is with steaming the milk. I follow the directions (http://hbps.johnsonrauhoff.com/HBPS_HTML/840112600_HB/steam.html) but I can't get the milk to be steamed. The frothing is not a problem, but I just can't figure it out... Can anybody offer suggestions?

A: Do what I did- start this crazy madness/obsession by buying a cheap Espresso machine- I, too, bought the Hamilton Beach toy you now have. After going throught 2 in as many weeks, I sent the last one back for a refund, and decided to do some research on Espresso equipment. Long story short - I went from a $65.00 toy and a whirly-blade grinder to a $900 Expobar and a $400 Mazzer Mini grinder. You may not want to go to that extreme, but bottom line- you get what you pay for, and- you got what you paid for. You'll be hard-pressed to find anyone here who is a fan of the HB Espresso machine! If you're serious about Espresso- I would recommend at least a Gaggia- Rancilio Sylvia would be even better! For a grinder- The Gaggia MDF, or (and better) the Rancilio Rocky! You will never get anything that resembles good espresso or microfoam from the HB. You can't get blood from a turnip! Couterclockwise 3/4 to 1 full turn, but in order to steam/heat the milk. Do I just turn it a little bit or something? Sorry, Matt- I can't remember how it works- it's been too long. The HB was a gift for Christmas of 2003, and I didn't use it very much.

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srelu said:

On the left side a machine is a big button. It's a tap. Open it completely, put water in the machine and let it boil. When the boiling starts, the steam will come out through the dedicated pipe attached to the tap. When you close the tap, instead of steam, the boiling water will start to come out through the hole for coffee.

orlaf said:

Spending $900 for a coffee machine is pure madness. You have more monney than brains. I hae a Salton and a Multi-chef which looks similar try their instructions. http://www.coffeecrew.com/gear-equipment-coffee/learn-the-ways-of-the-bean/185-the-salton-maxim-ex96-manual-for-everyone

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