Hamilton Beach Espresso/Cappuccino Maker

Q: Hello, I just bought the above mentioned maker and am having troubles. It came with a VHS tape, but I only have dvd players... Any help is greatly appreciated! The problem is with steaming the milk. I follow the directions (http://hbps.johnsonrauhoff.com/HBPS_HTML/840112600_HB/steam.html) I can't get the milk to be steamed. The frothing is not a problem, but I just can't figure it out... Can anybody offer suggestions?

A: Do what I did - start this crazy madness/obsession by buying a cheap Espresso machine - I, too, bought the Hamilton Beach toy you now have. After going through 2 in as many weeks, I sent the last one back for a refund, and decided to do some research on Espresso equipment. Long story short- I went from a $65.00 toy and a whirly-blade grinder to a $900 Expobar and a $400 Mazzer Mini grinder. You may not want to go to that extreme, but bottom line - you get what you pay for, and - you got what you paid for. You'll be hard-pressed to find anyone here who is a fan of the HB Espresso machine! If you're serious about Espresso - I would recommend at least a Gaggia- Rancilio Sylvia would be even better! For a grinder - The Gaggia MDF, or (and better) the Rancilio Rocky! You will never get anything that resembles good Espresso or microfoam from the HB. You can't get blood from a turnip! The machine was actually a shower gift for my wife, and by no means are we serious about Espresso. We would just like to be able to have a Cappuccino now and then. So in order to froth the milk I know I turn the steam control dial couterclockwise 3/4 to 1 full turn, but in order to steam/heat the milk do I just turn it a little bit or something?