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Help ! Starbucks Barista Espresso Maker

Q: I purchased this machine on E-Bay. Unfortunately it came without the video or a manual. Can anyone guide me through how to use it or point me to a site where I can obtain instructions on its use?

A: Which one? They have sold several rebranded models through the years. If you had included the link to the e-bay picture, someone might be able to tell you, but you should be able to operate it from any instruction manual. The symbols for the various operations are pretty universal. It appears to be a Saeco Magic. The manual is probably available on the Saeco site if you can read Italian, But the machine is available at several sites [1st Line, WLL, etc.], so one of them might have the manual available for download. Look here for some information about it. here is a link where you can d/l the manual for a Saeco Via Venizia which is the same machine. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. It's a zipped pdf file. Here is a picture of the machine - I would be willing to purchase a copy of the manual.