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How Can I Clean My Italian Coffee Maker?

Q: So I've had this Italian coffee maker for awhile now, and I think one day, my dad or someone forgot to clean it, so now there's all of this bacteria and stuff growing in it. I have no idea how to get rid of it. the coffee maker looks like this:

A: White vinegar is a good idea. You can dismantle it and scrub any piece, especially the little holed plate. Then let it dry very well. The first time to use it, the coffee will be bad, it'll become better with time. I have Very expensive coffee maker myself , and I run white vinegar through it , and it cleans it up just fine. Better than the cleaners that are made for cleaning coffee makers, and so much cheaper as well. ITALIAN WINDEX? NO seriously I found that running white vinager though my regular old 'Mr. Coffee' is very helpful in cleaning out the junk. It may work the same for your machine.