How Do I Clean Out Espresso Strainer Clogged By Coffee Grounds Which Were Too Fine?

Q: I tried soaking it in boiling water, and also a coffee pot cleaner which is supposed to remove hard water and mineral deposits. The strainer has a double layer, which I can't separate, and the grounds are caught between the two layers.

A: Just switch on the stove, keep the strainer on it on a distance of 6-7 inches, and just move the strainer over the heat or flame for 4-5 minutes, then wash it with mild dish washing soap. Your strainer will look brand new. I don't know why, but this solved my problem! I used this method as a last ditch effort because I was afraid that the excessive heat might somehow ruin the strainer for good, but nothing else I tried worked, so I went for it. I couldn't see how this would help, but it's the only thing that did! Is this part of an Espresso Maker/Machine? If so, try the manufacturer's website or customer service help number. You may need a new filter if you cannot separate the 2 layers. Coffee pot cleaners dissolve the mineral deposits so that they wash away. Espresso grounds do not dissolve. Try using a Dishwasher for removing the coffee grounds. Some filters can be dish washed in the dishwasher. Good Luck!