How Do I Make Espresso Coffee That Is Strong, But Not Too Strong?

Q: I have been making Espresso, but sometimes it comes out so strong. It tastes too bitter to me. I like my coffee strong, but not that bitter. Any suggestions on how to dilute the bitterness? I make 10 cups. How many coffee scoops might I try? I've been doing 2 1/2.

A: The first response you received is mostly right. Many of the dark Espresso roasts you taste in coffee shops, were roasted to work with commercial grade machines. Thus, your dark roast coffee is not suitable for Espresso in your home machine. You may want to try a medium Espresso roast for your home machine as you will find the strength of the brew without the bitterness. A great website to get nearly any answer about coffee and Espresso is Good luck.