How Do I Make My Latte's Milk Thicker?

Q: I just got my own Cappuccino machine. The coffee tastes great, but I can't seem to make the milk very thick like I see it in the stores. The "crema" of the Espresso isn't very good either, but that doesn't matter to me as much as the milk. I am using whole milk. It could be the whining 1 year old keeping me from frothing it long enough. Any ideas?

A: As unlikely as it might seem, you get the stiffest froth from skim milk because the homogenized cream in the milk does not hold air. Whole milk has a nice creamy texture to it, but for better foam, skim milk is the better way to go, and when you're steaming your milk, try and keep the wand at about the level of the tip of the milk, but not where it is sputtering, just enough that it whips the top layer of milk. You can use plain cream heavy cream itself found at grocery stores.