How Do You Make A Cappuccino From Scratch?

Q: How do you make a Cappuccino from scratch? Is there a way to make a Cappuccino without having the special machine?

A: No, because a Cappucino is Espresso, steamed milk, and foam, so you need the machine to make the foam. Yes, there definitely is. Personally, I do not think that this method as good as ones made with an Espresso machine, but it is still possible. Buy a stovetop Espresso maker, they are available just about anywhere in many different cup yields. So, just follow the instructions, and make enough Espresso to fill 1/3 of the cup that you intend to serve with (very easy to use). Then there are these little gadgets called milk frothers. There are many available out there as well. Some are in the form of wands, and I have also seen some that look similar to a coffee press. So prepare your milk, pour milk in cup until it is 2/3rds full (or no milk at all if you like a dry Cappuccino), then scoop the milk froth on top to enjoy. Yes, it is possible. There are 2 steps, one is to make the froth for the Cappuccino, which is essential. To learn how to make the froth, check out: Now, if you really really do not want to purchase any machines, get a coffee socks (do not know if this is available in your area). If it is not available, get a new pair of socks. 1. Fill the socks with 10-20 grams of coffee ground. Get 2 jugs. Lets call them jug A and B. 2. Pour hot water through the socks into the jug A, then transfer the liquid from jug A into the socks and into jug B. Repeat this for a few times, and you would get a washed down version of Espresso. Top it with the froth and steamed milk as highlighted in the "How To Make Cappuccino" article. Source(s): Read the article on how to make froth without the use of a cappuccino machine: