How Do You Make A Good Cappuccino?

Q: How do you make a good Cappuccino? What is a good Cappuccino machine to buy, and what would it cost?

A: You can get a decent home Espresso / Cappuccino machine for $200 and up. The best starter machine would be any 'Gaggia', available online, and at Ebay. Even their cheaper machines use the same internal parts as the more expensive ones, so you will get a good shot from it with proper technique and good, FRESH coffee beans. With stale coffee from the store, you're wasting your time - it's awful! If you don't roast your own beans, find a place where you can buy fresh roasted beans. It makes a lot of difference in the flavor! You don't want something that's been sitting in a warehouse or store shelf for 8 months. Ewwww. (This is true for regular brewed coffee as well). If you are grinding your own beans, you'll also need a good grinder or forget it... try a 'Rancilio Rocky' or 'Kitchen Aid Pro Line' for starters (Improper grind will give you nasty Espresso!). Please... do NOT buy one of the Wal-Mart-type machines. They don't produce "real" Espresso. Sorry if this overwhelms you, or you now think it's too expensive, but I have to be honest. For more information, check out this web site for consumer reviews and how-to guides. - for green coffee beans, roasted beans (whole, not pre-ground), and lots of supplies. Any machine they sell will be good, and their customer service is excellent!