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How Do You Make Specialty Coffee Drinks?

Q: I have a very good coffee and Espresso machine. Since the most complicated thing I know how to make with it is a Cappuccino (which tastes very good), I was wondering if anyone knew how to make more complicated drinks that you might find at coffee houses. I assume they really aren't that hard to make, its just that I can't seem to get the proportions right... Can you tell me how to make say, a mocha, iced coffee drinks, and any other recipe you might know?

A: Froth your milk (i'm assuming as you say you're good at the esp. machine, you know how to do this) and add shots of Espresso, I use 1 for 12 oz, 2 for 16 os, 3 for 20 oz. Mocha: Make a latte, add your desired amount of chocolate. I use 1 oz for 12 oz drink, 2 oz for a 16 oz drink, and 2.5 oz for a 20 oz drink. Also, I prefer Ghiradelli sweet powdered cocoa. White Mocha: Same as above, just use white chocolate. Also, you can add flavored syrups (in the same amounts as the cocoa), I use torani or monin, to make a drink like a Vanilla Latte. If you want to make a blended drink: Latte: 16 oz cup of ice, 2 shots Espresso, splash of milk, scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt or ice cream. Blend until smooth. If you don't want fro-yo or ice cream, add a little more ice. Add chocolate in the same proportions as above, if you want a mocha version, add sweetened cocoa powder to it. Add shaved chocolate on top Put whipped cream on top. Add chocolate liquor Add Frangelico (almond flavored)Pull a triple shot of Espresso very long. Prep a regular stainless steel martini shaker by filling it up about half way with large ice cubes. Add sugar to the top of the ice cubes in the martini shaker to your taste. Pour the Espresso over the ice and IMMEDIATELY place the martini top on, and shake it. (I say immediately because normally you never want to throw espresso over ice - that's where you get the nasty bitter taste.) The result is a deliciously smooth iced coffee drink.