How Do You Make Your Coffee? French Press? Drip? Espresso Machine?

Q: I use a 'Melita' filter with a craffe. I like that the coffee stays fresh, but it doesn't stay hot! I want a 'French Press' but I do not like the grounds at the bottom. I don't like a drip coffee maker casue of the hot plate that burns the coffee. What is the best machine, and or, way to prepare coffee? Your thoughts?

A: Bialetti Italian-style coffee maker for Espresso. Fill water receptacle with bottled water to the line (I live in Naples, Italy and it is not advisable for Americans to drink the tap.) Use Kimbo coffee, pack it into area reserved for the coffee. Screw the machine together, place it on the stove and wait for the water to force its way to the top half of the coffee maker. You'll know it's done when you see condensation at the spout of the coffee maker. I use an Italian Espresso maker (that kind you put on the stove) and then I put lots of milk in a very big cup >>> a nice 'Café Au Lait', or better, a 'Latte Macchiato'. Maybe Use a drip, and then transfer into a Craffe and try using distilled, purified, or filtered water. Tip I got from 'Starbucks'.