How Is A Latte Made Differently From A Cappuccino?

Q: How is a Latte made differently from a Cappuccino? I've used a Cappuccino machine before, so i know a Cappuccino is an Espresso with foamed milk and cinnamon, but how is a Latte different?

A: A Cappuccino is made with Espresso, half the cup is filled with steamed milk, and then the other half of the cup is filled with foam. This makes the drink about half foam, and because there is less milk to dilute the coffee, it tastes stronger. A Latte is Espresso, and then the cup is filled almost to the top with milk. Just a spoonful of foam is added to the top. It tastes weaker than a Cappuccino because there is more milk. A Latte is simply Espresso and steamed, but not frothed, milk.