How Long Will Caffeine From A Double Espresso Topped With 12 OZ Of Regular Coffee Take To Wear Off?

Q: How long will caffeine from a double Espresso topped with 12 oz of regular coffee take to wear off? I had to study for a test but it is now midnight and I want to go to sleep but I can't because I drank this coffee.

A: Actually, it very much depends on the time of drinking it. The double Espresso and regular simply means very high concentration of caffeine. It takes 3-4 hours from the time of drinking coffee for it to take effect, and based on your dosage, the caffeine should be able to keep you awake for 3 solid hours without yawning! So, do note the time you drink to plan for sleep for the exam...It depends from person to person. With some people, the effect takes longer, for some people, it doesn't effect them at all. Myself, I drink coffee before going to bed, and I sleep soundly. If I have a coffe after 6PM, I can't sleep, so Ive been havin bad nights, 2 in a row! Usually a coffee takes about 6 hours to wear off, with sugar and because its double Espresso, it could take upwards of 8 hours, as 'Asa S' said, it varies from person to person.