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How To Foam Milk With A Cappuccino Machine.

Q: How to foam milk with Cappuccino machine.

A: Whether it's a commercial machine with a steamer, or a domestic machine with a 'frother' - have the stick at the bottom of your jug, and turn on - work gradually up through the milk to create a froth. Once the froth is formed, tap the jug sharply on your counter a few times, then repeat the process - this creates a denser froth. A Cappaccino machine has a wand and a dial. When you turn the dial, it releases steam from the wand. For best results, use about 4 oz of skim milk in an 8 oz glass or pitcher (it froaths easier and holds longer) submerse the wand an inch or so in the milk. It will begin to heat the milk. As it gets warmer, slowly begin to bring the head of the wand out of the milk and resubmerse repeatedly. It will begin to froth or foam. It will take some practice. Once you get the foam, submerse the wand, and finish heating the milk to desired temp. You can use a thermometer to get to 180-200 degrees or go by touch. BE CAREFUL. IT WILL BE HOT! I spoon the froth into the coffee, then use the spoon to restrain the remaining froth and dump in the hot milk. If you cannot make it work, dump the milk and try again. Cold milk works best.