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How To Make Good Espresso Coffee.

Q: I want to make perfect Espresso coffee at home, but there are 100 types of coffee machines from $99.00 to $2000.00 for sale. I don't know which one is just right. According to my friends, I should stick to coffee shops for my coffee thirst, because no matter what you try, it is impossible to get 100% result. Is it true? Also is it important to use bean or instant coffee powder? I don't like very strong flavour, just medium, sweet, white. 'Gloria Jeans' is not my test, it's too thick and strong. Please give me simple, clear suggestions to make good coffee and coffee machine.

A: The biggest mistake we see people make is to spend a load of money on the Espresso machine and skimp on the grinder. You will produce a better shot of Espresso with a $200 Espresso machine and a $400 grinder than you will with a $5000 Espresso machine and a $50 grinder. Having your ground coffee particles being even and uniform, is critical to produce the proper coffee extraction. The other thing that most home users forget it that Espresso is 98% water. Crappy water = crappy coffee. DO NOT use distilled water or city tap water. There is a proper balance that is needed in the water and it is possible to have too pure of water. Let me know if you need some more info...Wait a minute... do not let your hopes down... you CAN have the Espresso coffee you want at home... 1. Go on they have plenty of great Espresso machines. 2. The thought of using instant coffee powder just made me disgusted! 3. Use the bean. 4. I recommend you purchase a personal coffee grinder. 5. There is a big difference in using freshly ground Espresso beans. 6. One nice trick is that if you are adding milk to the Espresso, make sure the milk is steamed and that you add the Espresso shots to the milk before 10 seconds. People dont really know this, but there is a major difference between a freshly pulled Espresso shot, and one that has been sitting there for more than 10 seconds. First of all, what's 'Gloria Jeans'? You can make the same coffee. I'm in this same situation. Buying coffee like that everyday is pricey. In a month's time, you could have purchased your own machine. All a coffee shop does is brew the coffee, add steamed milk and a flavored syrup. Instant is okay when you're in a hurry or something, but brewed is always better in flavor.Lastly, don't pay $2000 for a machine. I'm sure Krupps has some affordable ones. Theres no point in re-inventing the wheel - have a look at Many machines are reviewed & more. Buy the most expensive Espresso machine you can afford. However, start by getting a good grinder first as this is at least as important as the Espresso machine. Then, you need some expertly roasted coffee beans from a local coffee roaster ideally, here is a simpler way: Get a coffee maker, buy some coffee from the coffee isle at the store and make it! lol, Unless you don't like a 'Starbucks' type thing then look on ebay or go to Starbucks and ask! lol