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How To Make Latte Or Cappuccino Without Espresso Machine?

Q: Ok, Until i get an Espresso maker, I would like to know how to make a Latte or Cappuccino using ready coffee and a milk frother? Any info would be most helpful.

A: I use my coffee mocha to boil the coffee. Then, I put it in a pot, add milk, then boil. This will give you a slight froth on the top. It is Italian Latte....not all Italians have machines at home! Latte is Italian,not American!!! I brew Espresso coffee in a stove-top Espresso pot (also called a moka pot). I'm not sure if you will get the same effect by brewing Espresso in a regular coffee maker. Moka usually doesn't froth and isn't as strong as Espresso made in a more pressurized way (ie, from a machine) but it is more like Espresso than regular coffee. I understand that it is common for Italians to drink moka more than Espresso and use stove top Espresso/Moka pots. Froth some slightly warmed milk and then pour it into the moka or vice versa. Sometimes the froth deflates from the heat. Well, technically, you can't. I used to work at Starbucks so I know these things. You especially can't make a Cappuccino because all that is is foamed milk and a shot of Espresso. It's impossible to foam milk without a milk wand that comes on an Espresso machine, so count that out. Also, a latte is technically supposed to have a layer of foamed milk on the top, but you can make it without. It won'tt taste as good, but here you go. Get super hot milk, a couple shots of strong black coffee, and some flavor of your choice. Mix em all together and voila!